How do I register my company on the SAFEX International e-Learning Portal?

A Company can only be registered by the SAFEX Contact of a Member Company or the person designated by the Contact as the Company Administrator for the SAFEX International e-Learning Portal. If you are not the SAFEX Contact or the designated Company Administrator, kindly complete the Contact form and we will contact the relevant person in your Company.

If you are the Company Administrator and would like to register your company, please complete and submit the form below. SAFEX will then process the registration request and arrange payment for the number of user credits (user licenses) that you have requested.

Please complete the form below:

In submitting this request you are agreeing that the information entered can be used to verify your registration and, subject to approval, create your account.

Cranfield University acts as the data controller for the SAFEX International e-Learning Portal initiative. To contact us about the data we hold on you please submit a request using the Contact form.